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Support Planning Services

Support Planning Services

Support Planning Services

"DRCC really cares about their employees, they do everything they can to make sure we are happy. " by Victoria Bennetts

This service is used by individuals who are utilizing Consumer - Directed Community Supports. Individuals and their family members may feel they need the support of a professional to help develop the support plan. Support planning is done by an individual who has been certified by DHS as someone who understands the consumer-directed community supports service, person centered planning and the process of developing a support plan.

A support planner is able to:

Provide information about CDCS and Provider options
Assist with the development of a community support plan
Assist you with monitoring your support plan
Help you purchase and receive services and supports
Assist you with recruiting, screening, hiring, training and scheduling support workers
Help problem solve
Provide and arrange for staff training specific to your needs

The cost of this service is $65.00 per hour including travel time. The number of hours depends upon the services requested.

For additional information please refer to the MN Department of Human Services Website and search key word CDCS. Please contact Michelle Hooey at 218-722-8180 extension 101.