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Semi-Independent Living Services

Semi-Independent Living Services

"Our son has progressed since living in his home. We are very appreciative!"

Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS) are available for individuals who have many of the skills necessary to live independently in the community but still need some supports to ensure that they can be successful. SILS services generally focus on developing and maintaining positive relationships, staying healthy and safe, finding fun things to do, managing money, and successfully maintaining an apartment/house.

Within DRCC’s SILS services there are differing levels of support available. DRCC provides what we call “Cluster SILS” apartments. This is where two or more apartments are located in the same building or in close proximity to each other. This allows the staff to provide a high level of support, while at the same time enables the individual to safely experience more independence and to assume responsibility for specific areas.

DRCC also provides SILS support for individuals who live in their own apartments throughout the community. The supports are individually structured to that staff are available based on the person’s needs. As the person’s needs change, the support level can be readily modified to the desired level.