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DRCC employs over 400 individuals in a variety of positions. We strive to recruit, train and support our staff so that they can best meet the needs of the people we serve. DRCC employs staff who come from a varied work and educational background. We hire direct support professionals, managerial and supervisory staff, nurses, administrative support, accounting staff, information technology associates and maintenance personnel. We value working collectively for the good of the person receiving our services.

Training is another important aspect of employment at DRCC. We have a rigorous new employment training curriculum that includes both classroom and hands on learning. While much of the training is mandated by regulations we strive to also provide additional opportunities that not only serve to strengthen the person’s knowledge base about the delivery of services but supports personal growth as well.

We acknowledge the importance of retaining qualified staff and are proud to say that our leadership is comprised of individuals who each have over 20 years of experience in this field.

"The staff is very caring. They quickly address my son’s concerns and talk to him in terms he can"