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About DRCC

In 1966, a group of concerned parents and professionals organized DRCC as a private non-profit corporation to meet the residential needs of teenagers and adults who were developmentally disabled. At that time, there were few community programs. Because this was a novel concept, the Board of Directors faced a lengthy process of enlisting community and government support to accomplish their goal.

Due to the efforts of the Board, the encouragement of St. Louis County Social Services and the financial and volunteer assistance from ARC Duluth, the Ordean Foundation, the Junior League of Duluth, and the Rotary Club, Baldwin House was developed and the first people entered the program in late 1971.

Although some of the terminology and processes have changed over the years, the Board’s vision in 1966 has served as DRCC’s guiding principles throughout its existence. That is, people with developmental disabilities need and want the same types of things that everyone wants: a nurturing home in which to live; supportive friends; a satisfying job; and the freedom to make decisions about one's life.

Today, DRCC serves more than 400 individuals throughout northeastern Minnesota. Individuals live in their own homes and apartments, with their families, and in small group homes. DRCC provides staff to support individuals in pursuing the goals and dreams they have for themselves.

"All of the services and supports are working very well!"